[002] Lara Davies & Enzo Marra

A Painting I Once Knew
2nd March - 29th April 2019

Lara Davies' work explores the notion of painting as a method of re-presentation. The creation of distance from the source subject transforms it into something with a different, often playful new life as a painting. Lara's new body of work focuses on one specific artist book ‘The Last Flowers of Manet’, by Robert Gordon and Andrew Forge, which catalogues the flower studies Manet made between 1881 and 1883, including two that are connected with Manet’s last days.

The shifts of scale and the levels of detachment that occur in the painting process capture the journey from the original paintings and their reproduction in the book. Lara photographs each image with her phone before making the 1.2m paintings, referring solely to the image on the phone screen whilst working. The finished works reflect this process - capturing the pages of the book and the glare of the studio lights on the surface of the page.

Enzo Marra's work is consistently occupied with the ways in which the artworld can be seen from the insiders and the outsiders point of view, the valuing of artworks and their auctioning, the processes and activities that occur behind the privacy of studio doors, the hanging and display of works animated by the commodified space of the gallery, the milling of observers in gallery spaces and the way that their presence then gives life and purpose to the works on display.

Through his exploration of the fictional concept of the image of an artwork, a gallery building and the exhibitions that could occur within them, the fictional becomes potentially more resonant than the actual.